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Sex Addiction Articles

Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist
Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor

Sexual Addiction Articles by Peggy L. Ferguson, Stillwater, OK

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Table of Contents

New:  Maintaining Early Recovery From Sexual Addiction By Preventing Relapse (Scroll down for Introductory paragraphs).

Identification of Cravings Worksheet

 Interrupting the Momentum of Sexual Addiction Could Involve Withdrawal Syptoms

The Unadulterated Truth About Sexual Addiction

Denial Enables Sexual Compulsivity to Persist In Spite of Negative Consequences

Sexual Addiction:  A Brief Description

Sexual Addiction:  Are You a Sex Addict?

Help for the Sex Addict

Are You Suffering From Someone Else's Sexual Addiction?

Help for the Sex Addict's Spouse

Sex Addiction - How Do You Know If Infidelity is a Symptom of Sexual Addiction? 10 Indicators

How to Find Help for Sexual Addiction

How to Get Help for Sexual Addiction When You Don't Have Money

Sexual Addiction - Early Recovery Skills

Sexual Addiction Recovery:   What Are We Trying To Accomplish? Individually Defining Recovery


Maintaining Early Recovery From Sexual Addiction

By Preventing Relapse

By Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D.


            For those who are trying to regain control over their lives by establishing recovery from sexual addiction, there are many tips you can use to interrupt the momentum of addiction.  The first steps in early recovery are to cease the acting out.  This usually entails identifying the problematic behavior that you know that you need to abstain from.  Many sex addicts in early recovery still have a lack of insight into the pervasiveness of their illness and still believe that the “most problematic” behaviors are “the problem”.  In order to plow through more of the ego defenses, that serve to minimize personal insight, ask your significant others to tell you how they feel about your behavior--not just your obvious sexual behavior, but your relationship, emotional, spiritual, and productivity behavior.  What you hear may surprise you.

            Similarly, many people in early recovery believe that the significant people in their lives have no clue as to their addiction.  This is often not the case.  As you consider who you want to discuss your recovery with, think about who among the people you love and respect, would make a good “accountability partner”.  An accountability partner is one that you ask to be available to assist you with maintaining honesty, with making appropriate decisions, and with being responsible, consistent, and reliable in your recovery activities.  An accountability partner should also be available to you. To finish reading this article, follow this link:  New:  Maintaining Early Recovery From Sexual Addiction By Preventing Relapse



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