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Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist
Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor

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Understanding Cross Addiction To Prevent Relapse
by Peggy L. Ferguson Ph.D., LADC, LMFT
A simple guide for professional and the general information seeker.
This relapse prevention guide specific to cross addiction issues
covers explanations of the nature of addiction
and cross addiction, examples of how cross addiction
leads to relapse, and includes a worksheet to assist in
relapse prevention.
PDF file format.

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Preventing Addiction Relapse:
Protecting Your Recovery In Post Surgery Pain Days

By Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Since many recovering alcoholics and addicts relapse back into active addiction following surgery, it is crucial to approach surgery and its post-surgery pain days armed with knowledge about how to handle maintaining recovery and working with medical professionals to manage short term post-surgery pain.  This guide assists the recovering person in navigating these difficult times while preventing addiction relapse.  PDF Format $3.95

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The Honey Jar
A Conversation starter for couples.

by Peggy L. Ferguson Ph.D., LADC, LMFT
The "Honey Jar" is a conversation starter for couples.
It consists of 250 sentence stems, each one
serving as an open-ended prompt to discuss
one of a number of individual or couple subjects.
While it is designed to assist couples that have
been in the marriage for a long time and who
seem to have run out of things to talk about.,
it has been found to be very helpful to couples
at any stage of their committed relationship.
PDF File format. $19.95

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The Recovering Person's Guide
To Surviving and Thriving Through the Holidays
Without Losing Your Sanity or Your Sobriety

(41 Pages)
By Peggy L. Ferguson Ph.D, LADC, LMFT
This guide for managing holiday stress covers reasons why we
experience extra stress during the holidays, how stress can impact
addiction recovery, and makes suggestions not only on
how to survive holiday stress, but how to move from anxiety and
stress into effective problem solving.  Includes worksheets.
PDF file format $7.95

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The Worry Worksheet provides information on stress, worry,
and the potential impact of excessive and chronic stress and worry. 
It could walk you through identification of your worries,
and assist you in sorting out which worries to take action on
and which to “let go” of.  In the process, you may be able to
identify any long standing erroneous beliefs that may be keeping you
from letting go of needless distress. 
The Worry Worksheet provides examples and  actual worksheet forms
for you to fill out.  Digital download PDF file

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Other Services Provided

Professional Consultation and Supervision

LADC supervision is available to counselors trying to achieve licensure
as an Alcohol/Drug Counselor, and to CADC holders.

Case Consultation is available to other treatment professionals.

Consultation is also available to family members and/or to Businesses or Employers who are
concerned about significant others' alcohol or other drug issues.

Fees for consultation and supervision vary.

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Copyright: Peggy L. Ferguson, Ph.D., 116 W. 7th,
Suite 211 , Stillwater , OK   74074 , phone 405-707-9600, fax 405-707-9601, email peggyferguson@hotmail.com, http://www.peggyferguson..com

Serving Stillwater (74074, 74075, 74076), Perry (73077), Perkins (74059), Cushing (74023), Pawnee (74058), Guthrie (73044), Ponca City (74601, 74602, 74604), Morrison (73061), and other local communities.


Providing services for Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Chemical Dependency, Sex Addiction, Mental Health Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Addiction Recovery, Drug Abuse, Spouse of sex addict, Relapse prevention, Drug cravings, Family Business Issues, Couple Money Issues, Co-dependency, Adult Children of Alcoholism Issues, Cross-addiction, Co-occurring disorders, marital family therapy, marriage family counseling, step-parenting, step-family issues, couple money issues, grief, mid-life issues, College success, infidelity.  Providing individual, group, marriage, family, and couples sessions.  Providing professional supervision and training and consultation services.

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